With the cold encroaching upon the lands in the west, valleys once plethoric with game and forage-flora have begun to see harsh and unwelcome changes. Leaves and grasses die of frost, and with their destruction comes the starved demise of fauna, and with them follows the dwindling of the native tribes. Anger, food, stone and fire are all they had left to cling to, and with their weapons, tools and bitter desperation, they set towards the rising sun in search of warmer lands. Such was the story for many thousands of tribes, and in their wandering migration there begun countless battles over people, shelter, food and territory.

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About Stone Rage

Stone Rage is an online third and first person multiplayer survival PC game set within the Pleistocene era.  Players will find friends and create enemies as they struggle for survival through a prehistoric landscape filled with dangerous animals,  scarce resources, and a harsh climate.  Scavenge for materials to craft strong or cunning weapons, perfect for securing your next meal or to raid your enemies with.  Travel north into the mountains to collect rare obsidian and create a spear powerful enough to take down a mighty mammoth.  However, be sure to create warm enough clothes and homes to survive the cold winters, else you'll be forced to migrate back south before you freeze.  Choose to play as a human, neanderthal, or even one of the many animal classes as you explore the world of Stone Rage to forge your own path to survival. Visit our forums here.

Open World

Open World Map with 64 square kilometers in 7 different biomes to explore.


Play as cro magnon, neanderthal or as any animal you encounter in the world of Stone Rage such as the Mammoth, Sabertooth, Kelenken, Entelodont or Cave Bear.

Crafting and Building

Players will be able to craft a variety of items from tools, to clothes, to weapons, to construction items and more from the materials that they are able to gather in the world.




About Us

We are MountainWheelGames, a small team of aspiring game developers collaborating via the internet with the sole purpose of creating Stone Rage. Oceans separate us, few of us have ever met one another or even know what each other look like, but we know who we are through our collective work. We're artists, we're animators, we're character designers, we're writers, we're composers, we're programmers and we're planners. We want nothing more than to kick-start our efforts and make a place for ourselves in the gaming industry, and remaining completely independent is something that we've chosen. Contact us: office(at)stoneragegame(dot)com




The Team

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Development of Stone Rage

It’s been almost five years since we here at MountainWheel Games started working on StoneRage under the lead of Marco Muellner. Since then our team has grown to a group of 21 amazing individuals from all over the world. We’ve had our fair share of ups and downs but StoneRage is finally starting to take […]

StoneRage goes OpenWorld

Stone Rage goes Open World Hello to all fans and followers. Since switching to Unreal Engine 4, Stone Rage has received a large overhaul in terms of design decision and overall vision. Originally created as a free to play arena-based fighter, Stone Rage has now become a pay to play open world survival game. Many […]

Switch to UE4

Greetings to all of our distant stone age ancestors and to all current day cro magnons. We have a big announcement to make. So big in fact, that it is going to completely overhaul the production of Stone Rage. We want to make our ancestors proud by putting out the best stone age based game […]

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